Securing Your Website Matters

Spring is here! Time to shake off the winter blahs, pack away the mittens, shovels and ski gear (not that there was enough snow to ski or board anyway—for the second year in a row—yes, much bitterness intended) and embrace all that spring has to offer. For me, spring also means getting to enjoy the fresh air, planting, and picking up on projects I’d put aside for winter.

Making sure your website is secure should be part of your website’s spring cleaning.

Here are some quick questions:

  1. Is my site being updated and maintained regularly?
  2. Is my site prepared for the new security standards being rolled out by Google Chrome and Firefox?
  3. Does my website use a security plugin or employ other security measures?

Each of the above points is important and of course, we can help you look at and answer all of the above. But we also want to take a minute to discuss security, particularly as it impacts your site.

If your site becomes compromised, not only does it cost time and money to repair, it impacts your reputation and ability to do business. Remediating even a simple site defacement can be costly—and in many ways. This isn’t a fun process and it’s mostly avoidable. There is no foolproof way to keep the bad guys out, but there are fairly simple ways to greatly reduce your risk.

Some other spring cleaning website questions include:

  1. Am I posting new content to my site regularly and keeping it current, to drive interest and keep users engaged?
  2. Is my site responsive/mobile-friendly and why is this important to my visitors and to Google?
  3. Is my site still doing the work I need it to do, and in the way I expect?