Preparing Your Website for GDPR – Part 3

Tuesday, May 15th WordPress Releasing GDPR Tools

May 25th is the GDPR Enforcement Date

First, my standard quick disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and the information in this newsletter isn’t legal advice. Rather, it contains a selection of information from various sources.  If you need legal counsel, please consult an attorney.
This is Part III in this series and addresses the new GDPR and Privacy tools that WordPress is planning to release

Overview of Part I & II

The GDPR ( becomes enforceable from May 25, 2018. It gives EU citizens control of their digital data by empowering them with the right to know when personal data is being collected, what data is being collected, access to that data, and to purge it on request. the legislation affects not only businesses and organizations operating in Europe, but also those ‘processing the personal data’ of people living in the European Union. Which includes most websites around the world.

Part I: Click here to read Part I in this series
Part II: Click here to read Part II in this seriesTuesday, May 15th.

New WordPress GDPR & Privacy Tools

The WordPress team is scheduled to release WordPress version 4.9.6 Tuesday, May 15th.


GDPR tools that are expected to be included in next weeks’ release:

  1. Add settings screen for creating a privacy policy
  2. Default text for privacy policy page (to help site owners get started)
  3. Add tools for anonymizing of commenters
  4. Add opt-in for commenter cookies
  5. Cookie notice
  6. User access to personal data collected (primarily sites that accept comments, have user login area(s), run a forum, and/or have online stores)

Items planned for WordPress version 5.0

  1. Add a way for registered users to request deletion or anonymization of their private data
  2. Add to the privacy tools a means to erase personal data by username or email address

How to implement the new tools on your website

If you’re already on any of my maintenance plans, I will be implementing the new GDPR tools for you. I’ll contact you once the new privacy policy page and other elements are set up and we’ll schedule a time to review them together.

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