Preparing for WordPress 5.0

The team at WordPress is planning on releasing WordPress version 5.0 (Gutenberg) sometime in the next few weeks. The most recent expected release date of November 27th was scratched and the current release date is TBD according to the roadmap. This target date has changed often over the past 6 months but today’s release date … Read more

Preparing Your Website for GDPR – Part 3

Tuesday, May 15th WordPress Releasing GDPR Tools May 25th is the GDPR Enforcement Date First, my standard quick disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and the information in this newsletter isn’t legal advice. Rather, it contains a selection of information from various sources.  If you need legal counsel, please consult an attorney. This is Part III … Read more

Preparing Your Website for GDPR

What is the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation? The GDPR ( becomes enforceable from May 25, 2018. It gives EU citizens control of their digital data by empowering them with the right to know when personal data is being collected, what data is being collected, access to that data, and to purge it on request. the … Read more

Paramount Communications New Website

In December 2017 Paramount Communications launched its new website that showcases its diverse offering of VoIP services and equipment.

Paramount Communications is a Voice over Internet provider in the Philadelphia area. Their network is geo-redundant with nodes in data centers across the United States including Arizona, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. This state of the art architecture provides their clients with the best in reliability the industry has to offer.

Paramount Communications started with a small website with limited functionality to showcase their equipment and outdated copy. The new website is a complete redesign that showcases both their services and range of equipment available. They expect that both their services and equipment will gradually expand and the new site was built with just that in mind!