Website Maintenance

Let CandyApple Design protect, update, and backup your WordPress website.  Recognizing that your website needs extend beyond the design and build phase, CandyApple Design offers basic and extended website maintenance plans.  The plans have been developed to address both security and maintenance concerns and provide a critical resource for you to keep your site not only available but also secure.

My website maintenance plans include regularly scheduled plugin updates, WordPress core updates (as needed), complete website backups, and security monitoring.  Contact me for complete details.

The Importance of Regular Website Maintenance

WordPress and other web components are continually evolving to incorporate new features, fixes for identified bugs, and address newly discovered security vulnerabilities. But what does this mean to you? Can new features help enhance your web presence and drive business? Is your website vulnerable to recently discovered attacks? When is the right time to update your site? Candy Apple Design can help answer these questions.

To the people that rely on your website—it is your business—it is your brand.

We’ve all seen some of the fallout experienced by businesses when their sites have been defaced by attackers, or have been compromised and then exposed customer data for malicious use. In recent years, attackers have become more skilled, and the risks in operating an unmaintained site have dramatically increased. I have designed my maintenance plan to help you lower that risk by consistently and expediently maintaining your site, and providing you with the tools you need to respond to more advanced threats as they evolve.

Security experts agree that keeping your site up to date is one of the most effective methods you can employ to reduce risk. 

Attackers are continually working to find ways to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise your site. Gaining access to your site via these vulnerabilities can allow attackers to inject malicious code into your website that can cause a wide variety of problems. Once compromised, attackers can deface your site, redirect visitors to other sites, steal user data, or put your site visitors at risk if they visit an infected page. Clean-up after a compromise can be time-consuming and expensive, but often far less costly than the impact of having the site down, or the cost of infecting your customers’ systems.

Staying up to date with all of the information necessary to address these needs can be a daunting, complex, and sometimes tedious task. Merely applying every update as it’s released can result in unforeseen hiccups, compatibility issues with plugins, and other more unfortunate consequences. Without thorough review and experience in correctly applying these updates, it can be far too easy to make your site unavailable, break critical features, or lose data.